Forest management in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Sustainable forest management uses a wide range of social, economic and environmental objectives.
Sustainable development in the marine fisheries sector is carried out by directing all marine-based activities, improving the livelihoods of coastal communities, marine health, and coastal ecosystems by strengthening the management of the State Fisheries Management Area of the Republic of Indonesia.
The agricultural sector is one of the crucial sectors in national food security to meet the needs of all Indonesian people, increase competitiveness, absorb labor, create jobs and reduce poverty.
Renewable energy is non-fossil energy that can be renewed and managed properly. Therefore, renewable energy resources will be sustainable.
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EcoNusantara is a mission-driven independent organization that provides expert services and advice on today's most vital issues to partners and clients committed to environmental and social responsibility‚Äč


We have developed and implemented innovative strategies. We work with government, business and civil society on sustainability issues efficiently.


We engage in public and corporate partnerships while bridging government, business and civil society initiatives in nature management and livelihoods.


We make innovative initiatives to implement sustainability policies based on current conditions and future projections, so that all relevant parties can collaborate with high integrity.
KPSSH, Private Sector Commitment in an effort to make the Implementation of Siak Green District a success.

Initiated by EcoNusantara, the private sector from the plantation, forestry and mining industries working in Siak Regency agreed to support the implementation of Siak Hijau. On 6 August 2019, the private sector then declared their support at an event – initiated by EcoNusantara and Perkumpulan Elang, in collaboration with the Siak district government – to garner support for the implementation of the Green Siak policy.

Papua Initiatives on Forest and People

The Papua Initiative for Forests and People (PIFAP) is an innovative breakthrough in a conservation initiative in Nabire, Papua. FIFAP intends to protect forests, protect biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities.

HCV Re-assessment

As a form of Astra Agro Lestari’s (AAL) commitment in synergy in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs), especially in the sustainable palm oil industry, which prioritizes a balance between the interests of society, the environment and business profitability.