Founded in 2016, EcoNusantara is an independent, mission driven organization dedicated to protecting forests, climate, and peoples. EcoNusantara provides independent advisory and consultancy services on the most vital issues of the day for the wider public and clients strongly committed to environmental and social responsibility. EcoNusantara’s experts have combined experience working on tropical forest, natural resource, community development and climate issues in the region.

EcoNusantara has cooperated with some palm oil and forestry estate companies in Indonesia to build sustainable policies, implementation strategy, stakeholder engagement, assessment of High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV) for smallholder and multiparty platform, including conflict resolution assessment.

EcoNusantara has solid team comprising professionals with tract records of effecting positive change on the ground through working with governments, local communities, civil society organizations and media, as well as with major agro-industry and forestry businesses including key consumer companies. Our team has distinctive knowledge and proficiencies on environment, conservation, forestry, management, legal, communication, and other green issues with extensive working experiences. We combine deep connections to the people on the ground impacted by deforestation with a thorough understanding of the barriers facing business, political, and philanthropic leaders seeking to address it. Our knowledge of complex policies, realpolitik, and competitive markets allows us to bring together stakeholders to identify and to promote breakthrough solutions that work.