The Role of the Private Sector for the Implementation of Siak Green District is very Important

SIAK, 30 August 2022 – The global climate change crisis and the vulnerability of peatland damage have prompted the Siak Regency government to apply the principles of sustainable development embodied in the Siak Hijau Regency Regional Regulation (Perda) number 4 of 2022. Now, to accelerate the program the government embracing all parties including the private sector engaged in the utilization of natural resources operating in Siak, including private companies that are members of the Private Sector Coalition for Siak Hijau (KPSSH)* for program synchronization.


A speech from the Deputy Regent of Siak Husni Merza at the Siak Government’s socialization and coordination meeting with KPSSH, Tuesday, August 30, 2022, said that so far, many parties have expressed their support for the implementation of the Siak Green Regency policy, both from a civil society coalition consisting of 21 institutions incorporated in Sedagho Siak and from private parties who are members of KPSSH. However, the programs of these parties have not been coordinated and synchronized properly, for this reason, together with the Siak Regency government, they have formed the Secretariat of the Green Siak Coordination Team (STKSH). The STSKH Secretariat has a role in coordinating the program of the parties to achieve the Siak Green District policy objectives.

There are four main objectives to be achieved through the Green Regency Siak policy as stated in the Green Regency Siak Regional Regulation, namely, first, the management of natural resources as much as possible for the benefit of the people (community) with the principle of sustainability and sustainability. Second, the use of natural resources can improve community welfare and local revenue. Third, the use of regional natural resources is carried out either through conservation, downstreaming and intensification activities carried out in a sustainable manner and Fourth, the protection and recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples, culture and local wisdom.

“This meeting aims to socialize the Siak Green Regency policy and get an explanation of the work program from KPSSH and how companies in Siak Regency can coordinate and synergize with each other in KPSSH, with the spirit that the Siak Green Regency policy can really be supported and the company’s program of concern for the environment and the community in line with the implementation of Siak in the Green District,” said Deputy Regent Husni Merza.

The Siak Green Regency commitment was first echoed five years ago with the issuance of Regent Regulation number 22 of 2018. Now, in 2022, that commitment is realized in a higher regulation, namely the Regional Regulation. “This further reinforces the Siak district’s commitment to support national policies in achieving net zero emissions, one of which is the Indonesia FoLU Net Sink 2030 approach. Celsius,” he added.

Wan Muhammad Yunus, Head of the Secretariat of the Siak Hijau Coordination Team, said that the area of ​​peat in Siak reaches more than 50 percent of its administrative territory. And some of them have become part of the company’s concessions, both plantations, forestry and oil mining. So, Siak Green Regency will not be able to do it if the private sector operating in Siak Regency does not support it.

“It is important to ensure that the operations of companies in Siak are aligned with the Siak Green Regency’s main target programs, so that collaborative work with the secretariat of the Siak Hijau Coordination Team can move more quickly,” said Wan Muhammad.
Meanwhile, Khaerul Basyar, the representative of Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper as well as the chairman of the KPSSH management ensured that his company supports the acceleration of the Green Regency Siak program.

“Through the Company’s Policy and Commitment on Sustainable Forestry Development with the Protection Production approach, we always synergize the company’s programs with the achievements of the Green District Siak Program in aspects of economic development, community empowerment and the environment,” said Khairul.

Zulfahmi, Director of EcoNusantara who is also the secretariat of KPSSH believes that the policy commitments of zero deforestation, zero plantation expansion on peat or (No Deforestation and Peatland Expansion (NDPE) which have been published by a number of extractive companies in Riau and operating in Siak district are in line with Siak’s commitment to Green District . However, in the implementation at the site level, coordination and synergy between companies and the synergy of company programs with the achievement of the Siak Hijau program are urgently needed.

“The private sector’s commitment to work sustainably and responsibly as echoed in their NPDE policy, is the main asset. The KPSSH Secretariat will assist in the harmonization and operation of the private sector related to support for the Siak Green Regency commitment,” concluded Zulfahmi.

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