Simpang Bayat Community and PT. BPP Agrees to End Land Dispute

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Land disputes between the community and companies both state-owned and private are still phenomenal problems that demand resolution. The government’s granting of land use to companies often clashes with communities that also feel entitled to the same land.

The settlement of  land disputes over the years has been judged to be carried out unfairly and not transparently so that the community is always  in a disadvantaged position, some are  even done through means that violate Human Rights (HAM).  Advocacy efforts  and campaigns carried out by CSOs demand ways of resolving land disputes by means of intimidation, violence, criminalization and ways that is not fair to end, has been responded by most  companies especially industry sectors pulp and plantations of palm oil by announcing the sustainability policy.

Since  2016 EcoNusantara  with parties  including private sector, NGOs and communities continue to strive to develop methods or  platforms solving land disputes or agrarian conflicts that meet the principles of fairness,  respect, no coercion, and openness.

One of  the land dispute  cases that has been  going on for years, where the settlement has been facilitated by EcoNusantara since April 2019 is a land  dispute between PT. Bumi Persada Permai (BPP) with  the Simpang Bayat Village  community  group.  BPP is a supplier of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and this case  has received widespread  attention among CSOs/NGOs globally.

On December 6th, 2022 the parties (PT. BPP and Communities) have reached an agreement to end the land dispute, the agreement is stated in a memorandum  of understanding (MoU) signed by representatives each party.  The parties have also announced to the public a press release (click here) that the agreement has been reached.

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