Private Sector Through its Sustainability Policy Activities Ready to Collaborate to Harmony for the Success of Siak Hijau

The Private Sector through exposure to its sustainability policies and activities in the Coordination and Evaluation Meeting of Members of the Private Sector Coalition for Green Siak (KPSSH) emphasized the readiness of a harmonious collaboration for the realization of the Green Siak program.

The Coordination and Evaluation Meeting of Members of the Private Sector Coalition for Green Siak (KPSSH) was held in Pekanbaru Riau on February 22, 2021. The meeting, which was held with a combination of face-to-face and online, was opened with remarks from the Chairperson of KPSSH and the Deputy Regent of Siak. After the opening remarks, the meeting continued with presentations from several participants who were present, each representing Sedagho Siak, APRIL Group, Musim Mas Group, APP Sinar Mas Group and PT KTU from Astra Agro Lestari Group.

The establishment of KPSSH was welcomed by the Siak Regency government. This was conveyed by the Deputy Regent of Siak who also expressed his joy at the representation of all companies in the Private Sector Coalition for Green Siak.

Initiatives to support Siak Hijau, building trust with a joint memorandum of understanding for the commitment of the Private Sector in supporting Siak Hijau, strengthening the KPSSH secretariat by all parties, and the need to develop a strategy for implementing Green Siak together became input from Sedagho Siak in the presentation delivered by Susanto Kurniawan (Dynamic Sedagho Siak). Sedagho Siak, which was founded on 19 September 2017, emphasizes that the partnership of the parties is an important capital to realize the Siak Hijau commitment.

The Siak Hijau program is fully supported by companies in Siak Regency, so to facilitate coordination, KPSSH was formed. The Chairperson of KPSSH, Khaerul Bashar said that KPSSH would be optimized as a forum for coordination of the Private Sector in supporting the implementation of the Green Siak policy.

In this activity which was attended by the parties, PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (APRIL Group), explained APRIL’s Vision 2030 with four main commitments, namely Positive Climate, implementing science-based solutions to drastically reduce carbon emissions, Evolving Landscape, namely conservation activities in a production-protection approach in landscape management, Inclusive Progress by empowering communities through transformative initiatives and Sustainable Growth, namely developing business through diversification, circulation and sustainable production. The alignment of APRIL’s 2030 vision with the achievements of the Green Siak Program is the company’s commitment to support Siak Hijau. Awareness of the importance of collaboration, coordination and communication to achieve shared commitments in realizing the Green Siak program was emphasized by Dian Novarina from APRIL Group through her presentation at the Coordination and Evaluation Meeting of Members of the Private Sector Coalition for Green Siak (KPSSH).

The sustainability policy program implemented by the Musim Mas Group stands on the four pillars of their commitment which were announced on December 4, 2019 and renewed on September 9, 2020. The Palm Oil Independent Smallholder Development Program conducted by the Musim Mas Group has provided training and assistance to more than from 6900 independent smallholders, assisting in Leaf Sampling Units (LSU) for smallholders and assisting in RSPO certification for independent smallholders. With the implementation of the Indonesian Palm Oil Development for Smallholders (IPODS) program, the Musim Mas Group builds long-term landscape-based collaboration with local stakeholders to improve the skills of smallholders to be sustainable and independent.

Supplied by PT SPA, APP Sinar Mas Group allocates 30 percent for natural forest areas. This was followed by the launch of the Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA) program as the embodiment of the Forest Conservation Policy in an effort to prevent fires and land encroachment, as well as to empower the community around the forest socio-economically. Based on the awareness that communities or people who have good and sustainable livelihoods are natural partners in the conservation and prevention of deforestation (forest encroachment), the Six pillars of the DMPA are lined up as important milestones for the realization of the targets of the Forest Conservation Policy program. The DMPA program is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the APP Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 which was launched in June 2012 combined with the APP Forest Conservation Policy launched in February 2013 by the APP Sinar Mas Group.

Represented by PT KTU, Astra Agro Lestari Group emphasized their commitment to supporting Siak Hijau. Several programs have been carried out by PT KTU in accordance with the Public Contribution Roadmap launched by the Astra Agro Lestari Group. Through the three focuses set out to achieve the realization of a sustainable company, Astra Agro Lestari Group calls for collaboration between companies and companies, companies with NGOs and NGOs with other NGOs.

The commitment to readiness to contribute to Siak Hijau seems to have been confirmed by the Private Sector through various presentations. The explanation of various sustainable policies and programs that have been carried out by the Private Sector is a form of awareness of the importance of collaboration from various parties to realize Green Siak, both collaboration at the policy level and at the program implementation level in the field.

EcoNusantara as the secretariat of KPSSH emphasizes the need for collaboration and coordination between related parties to implement activities that support the Green Siak program while maintaining sensitive matters of each party to maintain the privacy of each party. Communication and coordination space for KPSSH members is provided by EcoNusantara as the holder of the KPSSH secretariat through a separate room on the EcoNusantara website, to be fully used as a means of sharing information about activities carried out by KPSSH members, in accordance with the purpose of establishing KPSSH, namely as a forum for coordination of the Private Sector in supporting the realization implementation of the Green Siak.

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