Private Sector Coalition for Green Siak
2019 - now
Siak Regency, Riau Province, Sumatra

The Private Sector Coalition for Siak Kabupaten Hijau (KPSSH) is a form of commitment to sustainable development.

Siak Hijau is a policy launched by the Siak Regency government in its efforts to address the impact of environmental damage and implement the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Siak Hijau Regulation was launched through Regent Regulation (PERBUP) number 22 of 2018. This is a guideline for all parties including the Siak regional government, NGOs, communities and the private sectors in collaboratively carrying out sustainable natural resource management (SDA) for the welfare of the Siak community.

Most of the areas of Siak Regency is managed by private sectors engaged in the plantation, forestry and mining industries. Thus support is needed from the private sectors as key stakeholders to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of policies in the field, which is vital for the successful achievement of the Green Siak development objectives.

Support for the implementation of Green Siak from the private sectors was expressed in a socialization activity for the aforementioned PERBUP. The event held on August 6, 2019 was initiated by EcoNusantara and Perkumpulan Elang, in collaboration with the Siak Regency Government to garner support for the implementation of the Green Siak policy. Support for the implementation of Green Siak is expressed through a declaration representing private sectors from the plantation, forestry and mining industries working in Siak. The declaration was read by Prio Anggoro from PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (APRIL Group), the declaration was then submitted to the Siak Regent through Assistant I (as the person in charge of implementing Green Siak).

Actually in mid-2018, prior to that remarkable declaration, the Green Siak Policy has been supported by NGOs in both Riau Province and Siak Regency, all of whom are the members of Sedagho Siak, expressing their commitments to the implementation of Green Siak. The commitment from all these parties is expected to trigger collaborative nd synergistic efforts to implement such an outstanding policy in Riau.

The declaration mentioned above was followed up by a meeting on September 13, 2019, attended by private sectors working in Siak Regency. At this meeting, a Private Sector Coalition for Siak Hijau (Koalisi Privat Sektor untuk Siak Hijau = KPSSH) was formed. KPSSH administrators and executives (secretariat) were also formed and agreed upon at the meeting.

The various programs and sustainable policies ((e.g., Sustainable Forest Management Policy/SFMP 2.0, Forest Conservation Policy/FCP, NDPE)) implemented by the private sectors have actually been in line with the concept of Green Siak Development. Support from the private sectors who are members of KPSSH is managed by the KPSSH management and secretariat to adjust their respective programs to be more intensively coordinated between various parties, both between the private sectors, the private sector and the government as well as the private sectors and NGOs.

This role is carried out by the KPSSH Secretariat, which is managed by EcoNusantara to help optimize coordination, communication and initiation among stakeholders in Siak Regency. The function of managing data and information related to the programs of KPSSH members is also carried out by EcoNusantara, including managing information and assisting the board in carrying out KPSSH internal meetings.

One of the main environmental problems in Indonesia is that Riau Province has always been hit by land and forest fires (KARHUTLA) every dry season. The negative impacts caused by KARHUTLA cover various fields, not only the environment but also health, the economy, and even cause damage to the image of the Indonesian plantation and forestry industries.

Siak Regency is one of the forestry prone areas in Indonesia. On February 22, 2020, an agreement was reached by all KPSSH members to support the Siak Free KARHUTLA target that had been announced by the Siak Regency government in early 2020.


The directors are the Siak Regency Head and MUSPIDA

Siak Regency 1st Assistant, Head of Environment and Forestry Service of Siak Regency, Head of Siak Regency Agriculture Service and Siak Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

Khaerul Basyar (RAPP)

Hubbal Sembiring (KTU – Astra Agro Lestari)

Syarif Hidayat (SMF – Asia Pulp and Paper)

Zulfahmi (EcoNusantara)

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