Joint AAL and ENS Official Statement in Presenting Independent Third Party Verification Report

EcoNusantara, an independent consulting agency, is dedicated to sustainability issues and actively advocates for the global adoption of sustainable policies known as NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat, and Exploitation) by global private sector. In March 2023, we were approached by PT Astra Agro Lestari (AAL) to conduct a comprehensive investigation and verification of allegations of land deprivation and farmers criminalization in West Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi by three AAL subsidiaries: PT Agro Nusa Abadi, PT Mamuang, and PT Lestari Tani Teladan. These accusations were reported by Friends of the Earth America and WALHI since October 2020.

To obtain comprehensive data involving various stakeholders, EcoNusantara conducted extensive interviews over eight months with individuals, community groups, and institutions. Those data was also attached with collected evidence and documents from government and community sources. The data was also analyzed through spatial approach.

This report aims to provide a clearer foundation for understanding the differences between these allegations and the on-the-ground findings. However, these findings also recommend a more transparent resolution from PT AAL and its three subsidiaries in addressing the issues.

EcoNusantara identified challenges regarding less will  from certain parties to resolve these allegations without compromising community interests.

For a more detailed report, you can access it [here].

EcoNusantara shares knowledge and information in the dynamics in sustainable development and wider environmental and social responsibilities issues. The information mostly taken from various media and information resources.
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