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We have develop and implement innovative strategies. We work with government, business, and civil society leaders on sustainability issue efficiently.


We conduct public and corporate partnership while bridging government, business, and civil society initiatives on natural management and livelihood.


We create innovative initiatives to implement sustainability policies that are based on current conditions and future projections, so that all relevant parties can collaborate with high integrity.
EcoNusantara is an independent mission-driven organization providing expert services and advice on the most vital issues of the day to partners and clients committed to environmental and social responsibility
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Commitment of Private Sector for the Success of Siak Hijau Implementation

Initiated by EcoNusantara, private sectors from the plantation, forestry and mining industries working in Siak Regency agree to support on the implementation of Green Siak. On August 6, 2019, the private sectors then proclaimed a declaration of their support in an event – initiated by EcoNusantara and Perkumpulan Elang, and in collaboration with the Siak district government – to raise support for the implementation of the Green Siak policy

Kampar Kerumutan Landscape

Almost the entire landscape of Kampar Peninsula is peatland (96.14%) and about 76% of the Kerumutan landscape area is also peatland. About 83% of the area of the two landscapes is peatland.

Papua Initiatives on Forest and People

The Papua Initiative for Forests and People (PIFAP) is an innovative breakthrough conservation initiative in Nabire, Papua. FIFAP intend to maintain forests, protect biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities.

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