Contemplating Climate Change Through Sci-Fi Films: What If Disasters Really Happened?

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for most people in the world. There are millions of films that have been produced that tell various things and are packaged in various genres such as action, comedy, fantasy, to science fiction.

In the world of cinema, the themes that have been raised are numerous and almost all problems can be encountered in the film, including climate change. There are so many films that tell stories about climate change, ranging from predicting catastrophic events or taking backgrounds during and after climate change.

Everyone knows that climate change is a real threat. Humanity is faced with two choices, namely to perish or to act. In general, films about climate change contain a message that humanity should act immediately to prevent it from getting worse before it is too late. Check out some reviews of science fiction films about climate change below, maybe they are suitable to fill your spare time.

Don’t Look Up
This film tells the story of the discovery of a new comet named Comet DiBiasky. Starring environmental activists Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, this film brings satire that is quite interesting. Besides Leo and Jennifer, a number of other famous stars also participated in this film such as Timothee Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, and Rob Morgan.

This film shows how the American government ignores the pressing environmental issues. The discovery of comet Dibiasky is not a happy thing, but a disaster because in a span of six months the comet will hit the earth and destroy the earth and everything in it. However, the government is very relaxed and even more thinking about the next election. When the news about this comet spread in the media, the public response seemed normal and thought scientists were stupid. They are more interested in the news of the singer who broke up with his girlfriend.

The threat of comet DiBiasky that could destroy the planet can be likened to climate change. The disaster it brings is bound to happen and its impact is inevitable, but it can be minimized by taking preventive measures before it’s too late. Comet DiBiaski can be deflected so as not to hit the earth, but a fickle government is instead influenced by the persuasion of the greedy rich who prioritizes personal wealth in front of the threat of the extinction of mankind.

This film is also an action-comedy genre, parodying various “funny” irresponsible elements that we often encounter such as extortion, KKN, scandals in the government, and so on. This film deserves to be on your watchlist.

Do you like animated movies? This Pixar Animation Studio film is a must watch. This film is set in the future when the earth can no longer be inhabited by humans. Humans live aboard the Axiom, a starship. They lived there for seven hundred years and never returned to earth. The lives that people in Axiom live cannot be separated from the screen. Humans forget what humanity is, everything is fulfilled by the existence of robots, even humans have forgotten that they have legs to walk.

Wall-E is a robot who lives on earth and is tasked with tidying up trash. The earth is arid, there is no more sea and plants to be seen. Even on earth there is only Wall-E and an invulnerable cockroach that doesn’t die despite being stepped on by Wall-E by accident.

The Axiom ship has been on a mission since seven centuries ago to find opportunities for recolonization of the earth by searching for the presence of plants. They left a sophisticated robot to carry out the mission.

Wall-E lives on earth with the remnants of memories from human existence. He is always in touch with memories when humans were still enjoying the good life on earth through music video recordings and objects he found from the garbage heap. As long as he lives with the cockroach, Wall-E’s soul begins to grow. Wall-E seemed curious about the emotional interaction he saw in a video clip showing two people holding hands.

One day, he meets EVE, a super-sophisticated robot tasked with carrying out a mission to find plants on earth. Wall-E gave him a small plant he found in a refrigerator in a pile of trash. A few days later, the Axiom ship came back to pick up EVE.

The interaction of Wall-E and Eve creates a drama where robots feel like humans, while on the other hand, humans who are busy with screens feel like robots because they have lost their humanity. This conveys that day by day, human life seems more and more similar to the life that takes place on the Axiom ship.

Captain B who leads the ship tries to adjust the rules to the current situation after the discovery of plants, which is to start the protocol back to earth. But this is opposed by Auto, which is an assistant robot set seven centuries ago to prevent humans from returning to earth. Captain B is like the parable of those who are trying to save the environment but lack manpower and numbers, while Auto is like the parties with power and a lot of money and greed hinders good intentions for the common good and argues that their choice is the best.

The film reminds us to protect the environment for future generations and the message of humanity so as not to forget what “humanity” is and how it works. Do not let us become human beings but live without a soul and lose social skills due to technological sophistication.

The Day After Tomorrow
This science fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich tells the story of a frozen world due to global warming. This drastic drop in the earth’s temperature is considered a self-recovery carried out by nature. Scientists call it the new ice age.

This film has a duration of 123 minutes, telling a paleoclimatologist, a climate change researcher named Jack Hall, played by Dennis Quaid. While he was in Antarctica doing research with his friends, the ice sheet just below them cracked and created a very large, deep fault. He immediately reported this to state officials but many of them did not believe it.

Meanwhile, a climate researcher named Professor Terry Rapson, played by Ian Holm, found that there was a drastic decrease in the volume of sea water in the North Atlantic that was detected by buoys.

On the other hand, the whole world is being hit by a huge ice storm. There is freezing in desert areas, even an ice storm with super-low temperatures can freeze a human in less than five minutes.

At that time, Jack Hall’s son, Sam Hall (Jake Gyllenhaal) was in New York City to take part in an academic competition with his friends, Brian (Arjay Smith) and Laura (Ammy Rossum). He planned to go home by subway soon, but the train station was closed due to unfavorable weather conditions and a huge tidal wave that caused flooding. Sam and his friends escape to the New York City Public Library with other refugees. They do various ways to survive the cold weather attacks to burn the books in the library to keep warm. Meanwhile, Jack decided to immediately pick up his son to New York.

This film is like showing a simulation when a frozen wave actually occurs. The scenery of New York, which was usually full of busy life, was frozen and covered in tens of meters of snow. This freezing wave killed millions of people from around the world including some of Jack Hall’s associates.

If the natural phenomena in the film The Day After Tomorrow actually occur, then it can be considered as a form of anger on the earth for human actions that destroy nature and are unable to restore it to its original state.

The review of the three films above brings us to the same conclusion that humans must take action to prevent disasters by reducing the triggers of climate change and global warming. Nature has shown signs of great change, both slowly and significantly.

The effects of climate change are enormous. Maybe we don’t really feel it right now because it’s not too late, but what about the next fifty years? Maybe things like the ones in the movies could actually happen and who knows? However, humans still have the opportunity to make improvements so that the earth becomes better and the quality of life can be improved. (*)

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