Commitment to Implement FOLU Net Sink in Kampar Peninsula and Kerumutan

The siak and Pelalawan district governments together with Paradigma and Cognate Coalition consisting of Perkumpulan Elang, Manka, and EcoNusantara Associations held a meeting and discussion with the Secretary of the Director General of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management, Dr. Hanif Faisol Nurofiq, S.Hut., M.P. This aims to get input on the Kampar Kerumutan Peninsula Ecosystem Restoration initiative through the Implementation of FOLU  Net Sink 2030. In addition, the Siak and Pelalawan regency governments also want to take an active role in COP27 in Egypt, November 2022.

In the meeting, the Regional Governments of Siak and Pelalawan Regencies explained the proposed strategy and action plan for the implementation of FOLU Net Sink in the Kampar Peninsula Ecosystem – Kerumutan. Siak Regency and Pelalawan Regency will align the implementation of FOLU Net Sink 2030 in the two ecosystems with the development vision that has been initiated in each district.

Siak Regency will encourage the Implementation of FOLU Net Sink 2030 with the Development plan that has been prepared in the Siak Regional Regulation of Green Regency No. 4 of 2022. This regulation has also been passed down through the Siak Roadmap of Green Regency and has been prepared in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan of Siak Regency for 2021 – 2026.

Pelalawan Regency has established seven flagship programs that can support Indonesia’s commitment to achieve carbon emission sequestration targets in the FOLU scheme which is largely focused on restoring and restoring the ecosystems of the Kampar Peninsula and Kerumutan. In fact, this program has been included in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan of Pelalawan Regency. The seven programs are an important part of the development direction referred to as the Cool Pelalawan Vision. These programs include the settlement of oil palm plantation land in forest areas, the revitalization of the Kerumutan River, the preparation of a Peat Ecosystem Protection and Management Plan, forest cover reforestation, acceleration of forest management in social forestry schemes to the utilization of potential environmental services such as bono waves.

The Directorate General of PKTL delivered by the secretary of the director general, Dr. Hanif Faisol Nurofiq, S.Hut., M.P welcomed the proposed location for the implementation of FoLU Net Sink submitted by the Cognate Coalition and the two districts. Hanif stated that he would immediately communicate this proposal to the FOLU Net Sink secretariat  to then draw up an action plan at the civil, Pelalawan and Siak levels.

The involvement of the two districts in COP27 in Egypt was also discussed to convey the commitment of Siak and Pelalawan and support the reduction of carbon emissions from the FOLU Net Sink sector. This commitment is expected to represent Indonesia at the global level as an effort to overcome the world climate crisis. Commitment from Siak and Pelalawan Regencies related to the protection and restoration of the Kampar-Kerumutan peninsula landscape which is the Contribution of Riau Province in order to overcome the global climate crisis. The support and initiatives of these two districts will later be delivered at the upcoming COP27.

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