Our Work

EcoNusantara is an independent mission-driven organization providing expert services and advice on the most vital issues of the day to partners and clients committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Globally impactful with an Indonesia base and Southeast Asia focus, EcoNusantara’s experts have over 75 years combined experience working on forest, climate, ocean, and livelihood issues in Southeast Asia.

We believe development can be delinked from unsustainable natural resource use and have a history of working with others to demonstrate how.


We are not just issue experts, We are agents of change

Our experts have an unparalleled track record of developing and implementing innovative strategies that achieve change previously thought impossible.

We work with government, business, and civil society leaders committed to sustainability to help them achieve their objectives faster and more cost-effectively than imagined.

For instance, we are committed to actively supporting and promoting the High Carbon Stock Approach and are working to develop constructive and creative ways to end deforestation globally.


Outreach and Partnerships for Results

We conduct public and corporate outreach efforts and specialize in bridging government, business, and civil society initiatives on natural resources management and livelihoods.

Fiercely independent and unafraid of delivering bad news, we get the most joy from creating unlikely partnerships to address root causes and create lasting solutions for change.


Outcomes Not Just Outputs

Our deep connections to impacted communities at the frontiers of natural resource extraction and grassroots civil society organizations provides us access to information and innovative ideas largely inaccessible to others.

We then create partnerships and multi-stakeholder forums with communities, governments and companies to identify sustainable development solutions and promote local entrepreneurial activities.

Our Team

Our team comprises professionals with track records of effecting positive change on the ground through working with governments, companies, local communities, and civil society organizations.

We combine deep connections to people on the ground impacted by unsustainable practices with a thorough understanding of the barriers facing business, political, and philanthropic leaders seeking to address them.

Our knowledge of complex policies, realpolitik, and competitive markets allows us to bring together stakeholders to identify, promote, and deliver breakthrough solutions that work.

Eco Nusantara

Jl. Haur Jaya 4 No. 54,
Kelurahan Kebon Pedes,
Kecamatan Tanah Sereal,
Bogor 16162, Indonesia