We believe development can be delinked from unsustainable natural resource use and have a history of working with others to demonstrate how.


He has been active in various non-governmental organizations since 1997. In 2002 he and other activists established the Riau Forest Rescue Network (Jikalahari), which he led for the next five years.

Asep Adhikerana

He is a Doctor on Biology who graduated from Scotland’s St. Andrew University. Asep has proven experiences as manager on environmental and conservation program implementation.

Musri Nauli

was born in Jambi, is notable green activist and legal expert who shows up in extensive media coverage particularly in Jambi. He dedicates his entire life to fight for justice, human rights, legal and environmental issues.

Darkono Tjawikrama

has over nine years of experience in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and mapping, including Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), and monitoring High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) in palm oil concessions.

Leo Wahyudi

He has more than fourteen years experiences in journalism in various media from 2002 through media consultancy, journalistic works, stringer in various publications and non- governmental organizations.


she started work at PT Survindo Putra Pratama as a Data Entry staff. Then, Yuliani has dedicated all of his capacity to this day for EcoNusantara since its inception in the Financial Administration section. Apparently Yuli, Yuliani's nickname, is always motivated by her life motto, "You can, if you think you can."

Rifqi Rahmat Hidayatullah

was a master on Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB). From 2013 Rifqi dedicated with various student organizations majoring in environmental issues.

Dhoni Saputra

has more than twelve years of experience in the IT field in various companies and non-government organizations from 2008 through website development consulting, SMART conservation software, and graphic design.

Rifky Gusti

an experienced copywriter, content creative writer and community manager with a demonstrated history of working in the digital media industry from 2006 through creating, maintaining and developing content services and lead the development of organizational-wide digital media management standards, policies and rules of engagement for all digital media channels.