EcoNusantara is an independent mission-driven organization providing expert services and advice on the most vital issues of the day to partners and clients committed to environmental and social responsibility


We are not just issue experts, we are agents of change

We help develop and implement innovative strategies. We work with government, business, and civil society leaders on sustainability issue efficiently


Outreach and partnership for results

We conduct public and corporate partnership while bridging government, business, and civil society leaders on natural management and livelihood


Not just outputs, but outcomes

We create partnerships and multistakeholder forums with communities, governments, and companies to identify sustainable development solutions while promoting local entrepreneurial activities.

Our Major Services Focus On:

  • Sustainable Development
  • NDPE Policy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Conflict Resolution Mediation
  • Media Analysis and Outreach
  • Anti-deforestation Initiatives
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Investigative reports
  • HCS
  • HCV
  • GIS

Our Clients: