Managing Director

Zulfahmi has been active in various non-governmental organizations since 1997. In 2002 he and other activists established the Riau Forest Rescue Network (Jikalahari), which he led for the next five years. He was also one of the initiators of the Eyes on the Forest project in 2005. From 2007 to 2015 he served Greenpeace South East Asia as Indonesia forest campaigner team leader, during which time he solidified his expertise on High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment, forest crime investigation, conflict resolution, lobbying/negotiation, and corporate and market campaigning. Zulfahmi also led a project team that assisted small-scale palm oil farmers on sustainability, forest monitoring and the implementation of a zero deforestation policy, as well as development of landscape management plans. He has broad experience in RSPO standards, and has been helping palm oil small holders/communities in Siak District, Riau, to implement RSPO P&C. zulfahmi@econusantara.org

Roman Paul Czebiniak

International Director

Roman Czebiniak has over twenty years experience on land use and climate change issues and previously served on the three member executive team for the Center for Biological Diversity, where he oversaw all major conservation programs. With Greenpeace International he developed and implemented global priority projects including the effort to secure an international agreement to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD), with an emphasis on Indonesia and Brazil. As part of the core team, he worked with Bustar and Zulfahmi to develop the strategy for Wilmar and other large palm oil traders; and successfully coordinated the Greenpeace-WRI-UCS mapping project that produced the first comprehensive assessment of the Indonesia moratorium relative to its climate reduction targets. Previously he helped negotiate historic land use and climate change legislation with a broad coalition of private, public, and NGOs to implement the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Roman was the UCLA School of Law’s inaugural Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law & Policy and a Fellow at the Environmental Law Institute, a think tank in Washington DC, USA. He holds a Juris Doctor degree and is an attorney licensed to practice by the State of California. roman@econusantara.org

Darkono Tjawikrama

Data & Resource Manager
GIS HCS Expert

Darkono Tjawikrama has over nine years of experience in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and mapping, including Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), and monitoring High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) in palm oil concessions. In 2002 he joined Indonesia’s Search and Rescue Agency (SAR) in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, where he helped design and implement SAR training for air and sea transport and later became field instructor for ground navigation. His expertise and broad experience in GIS and cartographic layout mapping brought him to the Flora and Fauna International Programme in 2011. He made several significant contributions; designing assessments for High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) in Ketapang; planning and analysing results of an HCVF and orangutan survey; biomass accounting for REDD, by demarcating conservation zones around Lake Sentarum, and; in community forest support and most notably in spatial planning for West Kalimantan Province. Since 2014 Darkono has worked as a GIS/RS consultant for Aidenvironment Asia, monitoring the implementation of RSPO and ISPO in palm oil concessions owned by the five biggest palm oil companies as well as HCS assessment and analysis. darkono@econusantara.org

Leo Wahyudi S.

Communication Manager

Leo Wahyudi S. has more than fourteen years experiences in journalism in various media from 2002 through media consultancy, journalistic works, stringer in various publications and non-governmental organizations. He started his career in journalism from The Jakarta Post which then bring him to various works related to journalism. He had written hundreds of articles, success stories, feature, literature, copywriting pieces in various print and electronic media nationally and internationally. Human interest, social concern, and environmental issues have particularly drawn his concern to develop communication conveyance messages and content management. He also engages consultancy with some organizations to help shape the communication strategy and spent years working with various solid communication team. Working as media content specialist, editorial writer, he laid initially the official Unicef Indonesia’s website content, UNDP, REDD+ Management Agency website to give more highlight to organizational communication divisions from 2005-2015. He also served as professional consultant for some international NGOs on communication up to 2017. He has proven track for being media analyst, lead writer and editor for high profile reports and books for government, non-organizational sectors, and notable private sectors for more than eight years. He also worked as independent translator for many reputable agencies among others like Waxman Strategies USA, Business Indonesia, Total E&P Indonesie, and some of his translated books have been published. leo@econusantara.org

Desriko Malayu Putra

Social and Legal Consultant

Desriko Malayu Putra has proven background on Law. Erik, his nickname, has expertise on law particularly concerning with environmental and sustainability issue. He is ad environment advocate who once became the National Secretary of the Indonesian Association for Legal Aids and Human Rights (PBHI), assessor and mediator for natural resources conflict resolution in Papua jointly with the Indonesia Business Councill for Sustainable Development (IBSCD-CRU). He became a Legal and Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace. Once he was the Deputy to WALHI West Sumatera Director. He has strong experiences and background for stakeholder engagement involving NGOs, government, grassroot community, academic society, and private sector to solve problems on sustainable development and human rights. From 2015, he joined various trainings on mediation, investigation, human rights, and legal affairs. In addition to being a consultant, he often serves as facilitator and field advisor for some organizations such as WALHI, Oxfam, International Federation Red Cross. Research, training, contributor and writing for publication are parts of his expertise.

Susanto Kurniawan


Susanto Kurniawan has dedicated his career and interest on environmental issues. Nearly all his works go along with his education background on Fishery and Maritime and his master degree on Environment in Riau. He started out his leadership in the Youth and Forestry Conservation Forum in 1998. Prior to his post as the director with Elang Foundation in 2004-2007, Santo became the member of Land and Forest Fire Consortium and Riau’s Spatial Planning Alliance. His expertise on spatial planning has led him to be a spatial planning supervisor with some research organizations (ATR Riau, LR-ATR Riau, BKPRD Riau) for years. Environmental assessment, illegal logging eradication, conservation and protection of landscape are parts of his responsibilities when Santo engaged with local government, local and international NGOs. In addition to his environmental issues, he has proven track as leaders in some local organisations such as Jikalahari, Telapak BTRiau, Jikalahari TFCA Program, and Elang Association from 2014-2017. Program management, program monitoring, research design, and field implementation are among his prominent capabilities.

Asep Sunjaya Adhikerana


Asep Sunjaya Adhikerana is a Doctor on Biology who graduated from Scotland’s St. Andrew University. As the expert on conservation for more than 10 years, Asep has proven experiences as manager on environmental and conservation program implementation. He has strong command for administrative management of a program, finance, monitoring and other technical issues on biodiversity conservation and climate change issues in Sumatera and Kalimantan. Asep promoted best practices with conservation orientation for extractive industries such as timber, mining, and palm oil. He is experienced in environmental policy making, natural conservation mainstreaming into government planning at provincial and regional levels. He was an advisor to Zoological Society of London (ZSL) for two years. He became Project Team Leader for ecosystem restoration concession at a mining consulting company. He is the founder of CarbonTropic and EnergyTropic, Fauna and Flora International (FFI). Asep is the Program Manager of Conservation International Indoensia Program (CI-IP) for Sumatera, Conservation of Key Forest on Sangihe-Talaud, Integrated Conservation and Development Project of Kerinci-Seblat National Park for several years. Asep worked as a biological researcher with LIPI for 17 years. In addition to scientific journals and publications, Asep serves as a notable consultant to various organizations for 8 years.

Risky Anggraeni

Finance and Office Manager

Risky Anggraeni has proven expertise and experiences on accounting and finance management for 10 years. Prior to her work with EcoNusantara, Kiky, her nickname, was the Finance Division Head with Sawit Watch from 2014 to 2016. From 2006, she focused on finance affairs with various positions from a Junior Accountant at PT Pertamina (Persero), Junior Auditor at Public Accounting Firm (KAP Drs. Krisnawan(, National Branch Admin at PT Astrindo Senayasa and corporate secretary to PT Multi Live Mandiri. She got scholarship from PT Pertamina for her bachelor degree at Perbanas, Jakarta majoring in Accounting Banking and Finance of Perbanas, Jakarta in 2006. From 2006-2009 she won the first winner on accounting competition held by Perbanas, Jakarta. To explore more of her expertise, she joined various trainings, seminars, workshops. Currently, she is an active member of the Institute of Internal Auditor Indonesia (IIA Indonesia). One of her significant achievements was the financial reform she initiated in one of nonprofit organizations in Indonesia. Kiky currently is the Finance and Office Manager for EcoNusantara.


Finance Staff

Yuliani is one of the best graduates of Economics and Accounting Department students of a notable private university in Bogor. As the fresh graduate, Yuli started her working experience from PT Survindo Putra Pratama as the data entry staff. Then, she decided to dedicate her capacity for EcoNusantara since its initial establishment as Finance Administration staffer. She has her favourite motto as saying “You can, if you think you can,” and it always encourages her to move for her excellence.

Rifki Rahmat Hidayatullah

GIS and Database

Rifqi Rahmat Hidayatullah was a master on Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB). From 2013 Rifqi dedicated with various student organizations majoring in environmental issues. Upon achieving his academic title, he dedicated in various works. He once led a project on environmental friendly plastic economic potential. In 2018 he was responsible for peatland area survey, while mapping stakeholder, their livelihood, land cover and infrastructure mapping. Now, in EcoNusantara he is responsible for GIS and database in support of the needs of clients.

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